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30. 11. 2013.

Ölyves won excellent result at Nitra CACIBshow both weekend day.  At Saturday she won CAJC, Sunday she got CAJC, BOB show results. And she received Slovakian Junior Champion title! Congratulation for János and Ölyves!!!

24. 11. 2013.

Milo won again Winners dog and Best of Winners and received a new point for USA Champion! Congratulation!! :-)

02. 11. 2013.

In Denmark at both weekend day Örkény won CAC and BOS.  She were the Best White Puli in Denmark in 2013. Congartulation for Jesper Rawn and Örkény!

13. 10. 2013.

Loncsosi-Bátor Mecsek "Milo" won Best Winners and Best Opposite Sex in USA. Milo received his 7th point for USA Champion title. Congratulation and thanks for Kathy Allen!

19. 10. 2013.

Komármom CACIB show:

Loncsosi-Bátor Kispajtás E1, HPJ. That was the 3th HPJ results for Hungaria Junior Champion title!

Loncsosi-Bátor Duna E1, CAC, CACIB, BOB and Best Hungarian Breed.

Congratulation for Fehér Györgyné Lona néni and Varróné Réka! 

13. 10. 2013.

I England Loncsosi-Bátor Nokedli "Noki" won Junior first place and R. Best dog results.Congartulation and thanks for Amanda Conibere!

28. 09. 2013.

Puli Special CAC, Kisújszálás. Results:

Loncsosi-Bátor Rajka: promised

Loncsosi-Bátor Nádor: judged

Loncsosi-Bátor Erdély: excellent

Loncsosi-Bátor Ölyves: vg

Loncsosi-Bátor Barka: excellent

Loncsosi-Bátor Tarna: CAC, BOB, R. BIS

Loncsosi-Bátor Kispajtás: excellent

Loncsosi-Bátor Duna: E1, CAC

Loncsosi-Bátor Lufi: excellent

Congratulation for the owners and thanks their help for Fehér Györgyné, Árminiczki Jánosnak and her wife Jutka!


12.10. 2013.

Loncsosi-Bátor Örkény "Tinni" won Junior Winner, BOS results and in the Best in Show she got BOS Best in Show Winner in Denmark. At the next show at afternoon she received BOB and Junior BIS result. 2 weeks before she won CAC, BOB titles!

Thanks for Jesper Ravn!

21. 09. 2013.

We were 2 CAC Shows in OMÉK Budapest. 

At first Show Kispajtás won his first HPJ result. Erdély and Cifra got CACs. Abigél, the kuvasz received CAC, BOS titles. So she has all CAC results for Hungaia Champion title!  

At afternoon CAC show Erdély and Kispajtás repeated their results. 

15. 09. 2013.

At 2 days Losonc CAC Shows Loncsosi-Bátor Ölyves won CAJC and Best of Breed results. Congratulation for Ölyves and János!!!!

08. 09. 2013.

Sas Noémi's dog Loncsosi-Bátor Orom become Luxemburg Junior Champion and Best of Breed. Congratulation Noémi and Orom!

18. 08. 2013.

Devecser CAC:

We got  fantastic results.

Kispajtás won E2 in black colour, Örkény received E1, HPJ, Best of Breed in white. Duna with Rékával got E1, CAC, Best of Breed in black-maszkos colour. Rongyos was very promised puppy at her first show 3 months age.

Afternoon Rongyos was the best Veszprém region's dog. Örkény was choosen in the best 5 dogs at Junior BIS. And Duna was the best!!! She won the Best Hungarian Breed and Best in Show Winner!!!

04. 08. 2013.

Loncsosi-Bátor Mecsek "Milo" won the 4th Winners and Best Winners in USA. He collected 4 points for Amerika Champion title. His healthy exams looks well. His pre hip and elbow x-rays, eyes and DMP results are excellent. Congratulation for Kathy and Ross Allen and Milo!

27. 07. 2013.

Loncsosi-Bátor Ölyves won HPJ results at Debrecen CACIB shows at Saturday and Sunday. She received the Hungaria Junior Champion title. Congratulation for Árminiczki János and Ölyves!

22. 06. 2013.

Beautiful black puppies arrived from Cifra and Dinnye. There are 4 black puppies. The mother and the pupps are well.

14. 07. 2013.

Szombathely CACIB:

Nádor: E1, HPJ, BJ

Örkény: E2

Nádor became Hungaria Junior Champion.

05. 07. 2013.

Our beautiful black female, Szikla went away. We keep the memory of her forever.

07. 07. 2013.

Puli special CAC:

Nádor: HPJ

Kispajtás: VP, Puppy BIS

07. 07. 2013.

Velence CAC: 

Nádor: HPJ

Ölyves: HPJ, Best Junior

09. 06. 2013.

We were Herend CAC show. Cifra is ill, so she couldn't take part in the show. But Kispajtás was there with excellent resut. He was the best out of the puppies, so he won puppy best in show. Thanks for the owners, Fehér Family. Pictures in the gallery.

19. 05. 2013.

We took a lot of dogs at World Dog Show, Budapest. Results:

Loncsosi-Bátor Kispajtás (black): VP1, Best puppy (in black-fawn colour)

Loncsosi-Bátor Avar (black): E

Loncsosi-Bátor Pinka (black): VP3

Királytelki Gubanc (black): Veteran cl. K3

Loncsosi-Bátor Nokedli (fawn with mask): VP1 (in fawn with mask colour)

Loncsosi-Bátor Duna (fawn with mask): because of a "kind" ring secretary we aren't alllowed to judge

Loncsosi-Bátor Nádor (white): VP1, Best puppy (in white colour)

Loncsosi-Bátor Erdély (white): Open cl CAC

Loncsosi-Bátor Örkény (white): VP1

Loncsosi-Bátor Ölyves (white-Árminiczki János's dog): VP2

Loncsosi-Bátor Barka (white): Open Cl. CAC

Loncsosi-Bátor Tarna (white): Champion cl. R.CAC

Egedhegyi-Cudar Abigél (kuvasz): Open Cl E2.

The result in a great part due to a big team. Thanks for them and congratulation for all!

18. 05. 2013.

Hungarian Breed World Cup, Gödöllő:

Egedhegyi-Cudar Abigél (kuvasz): E3

Loncsosi-Bátor Erdély: E1, CAC

Loncsosi-Bátor Pinka: VP 2

Loncsosi-Bátor Tarna: E1, CAC, World Cup Winner

Loncsosi-Bátor Duna (Varróné Réka's dog): E1, CAC

Loncsosi-Bátor Ölyves (Árminiczki János's dog): Very promised, Best puppy


Pictures in the gallery!

15. 05. 2013.

3 beautiful balck puppies arrived from Loncsosi-Bátor Erdély white male and Loncsosi-Bátor Szikla black female. The puppies are good looking and healthy. They are the S litter.

13. 05. 2013.

4 white male and 2 white female puppies arrived from Juhászbarát Áldás and Mátyás Király Udvari Száva! They are healthy and lovely.

06. 04. 2013.

Results of Pápa CAC:

Loncsosi-Bátor Cifra Cefre: R.CAC

Loncsosi-Bátor Duna: CAC

Loncsosi-Bátor Nádor: very promised, puppy BIS 1.


Pictures in the gallery.

17. 02. 2013.

Fesults from FEHOVA CACIB:

Nádor: very promised

Erdély: CAC, CACIB

Ikva: CAC


Pictures in the gallery.

Duna: CAC

Abigél (kuvasz): CAC, R.CACIB

14. 02. 2013.

We got very good results from FEHOVA CACIB show. Árminiczki János's dogs, Loncsosi-Bátor Ölyves won very promised result in baby class. And in afternoon she was the baby Res.BIS.

Congratulation and thank you!

03. 02. 2013.

We received Juhász and Ikva hip displasia results. Both of them are HD-B.