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01. 12. 2011.

Dorota and Michal Pawlaczek dog's, Loncsosi-Bátor Bibe hips result is B (second best). Congratulation for her!

21. 11. 2011.

New pictures in the gallery!

28. 10. 2011.

Erdély, our white boy is father again! But his bride is Szikla, the black female! There are 4 beautiful black puppies in the litter.

13. 10. 2011.

Erdély and Nemes puppies arrived! 8 beautiful snow-white puppies were  born.

03. 11. 2011.

We recived Dinnye and Erdély hip displasia results. All of them got the best, HD-A certificates.

10. 10. 2011.

Dobovits Péter and his Family's dog, Loncsosi-Bátor Vértes "Kókusz" got 'A' (the best) result about his hip displasia x-ray. And he recived "suitable for breeding" result in Monor breeding survey. Congratulation for Kókusz!

01. 10. 2011.

We were CACIB dog show in Komárom at the weekend.

At Saturday Erdély got CAC, R.CACIB, Száva got CAC, CACIB, Best of Breed results. Dongó, puli's of Németh Kinga, and Avar recived R.CAC. Duna got CAC.

At Sunday Fehér Kinga was with Erdély and Igaz Magyar and Varróné Réka with Duna. Erdély got R.CAC, Igaz Magyar got promised, and Duna recived CAC titles.

21. 09. 2011

After 4 HPJ results Erdély recived the Hungária Junior Champion title.

31. 08. 2011.

Dorota and Michal Pawlaczek came to Hungary. They covered Csikasz Firma with our Rába. They brought Loncsosi-Bátor Bibe so we see how she look like near her 2nd birthday. I hope they felt themself very well here. 

01. 09. 2011.

Varroné Réka, the owner of Loncsosi-Bátor Duna get the result of Duna's hip x-ray. Duna have "A-the best" result. Some months ago we get the result of Derce's hip. It is HD-A. And it seems the 3th brother of them, Dinnye has excellent hips.

27. 08. 2011.

Fehér Kinga with L-B Erdély and L-B Igaz Magyar were the 2 day Debrecen CACIBs. 

Erdély won HPJ, Best Junior, Best of Breed results every day.

Igaz Magyar was showed at Saturday. She is Very Promised Puppy.

20. 08. 2011.

We were at Devecser CAC show. The area was excellent and we felt ourself very well. Our dogs won the next titles: 

Avar: CAC

Dinnye: CAC

Duna: CAC

Száva: CAC, Best of Breed, Veszprém region's best dog

Pictures are in the galery.

07. 08. 2011.

Szikla came back to Loncsosi-Bátor pulis.

06. 08. 2011.

We were at Pápa CAC show: Barka, Avar, Dinnye, Duna and Száva recived CAC results. Pictures in the galery.

09. 07. 2011.

Paris, World Dog Show:
Loncsosi-Bátor Tarna (champion female) is World Winner.
Loncsosi-Bátor Erdély (young male) is Junior World Winner.
Thanks for the God, for Kuzma Family (Tarna's owners), for Fehér Kinga (Erdély co-breeder and co-owner), for Kózel Gyula (Safety of Flatland bullmasztiff kennel) for helps and for handling.
Congratulation for everybody!

The Loncsosi-Bátor kennel has the 9th World or European winner results (with the ownership or owner breeding pulis):

Buenos Aires, Argentina, World Dog Show, 2005:

  -  Loncsosi-Bátor Ezüst: World Winner

Budapest, European Dog Show, 2008:

  -  Mátyás Király Udvari Száva: Young European Winner

Pozsony, "North Hungary", World Dog Show, 2009:

  -  Loncsosi-Bátor Ostor: World Winner, Best of Breed

  -  Loncsosi-Bátor Vértes: Young World Winner

Celje, Szlovénia, European Dog Show, 2010:

  -  Loncsosi-Bátor Ostor: European Winner

  -  Loncsosi-Bátor Bibe: Young European Winner

  -  Mátyás Király Udvari Száva: European Winner, Best of Breed

Paris, France, Világkiállítás, 2011:

  -  Loncsosi-Bátor Tarna: World Winner

  -  Loncsosi-Bátor Erdély: Young World Winner

Thanks for everybody who have part of this results.


19. 06. 2011.

There were 3 puli out of Loncsosi-Bátors at Hungaria Puli Klub shows. Gerle got baby BIS, Tarna champion class CAC, Erdély excellent results.

13. 06. 2011.

We were Komárom Hungarian Bred Show with Erdély, Dinnye and Avar. We took Gerle with us for practising. Pictures in the gallery.

28. 05. 2011.

 Székesfehérvár CACIB show at Saturday:

Dinnye (black young male) won E1, HPJ.

Duna (maszkos fawn intermediate female) with Réka: E1, CAC, CACIB.

Székesfehérvár CACIB at Sunday:

Duna: CAC, CACIB. Congratulation!

18. 05. 2011.

3 beautiful puppies arrived from Száva. The boy's name is Juhász, the girls are Jerke and Jégvirág.

16. 05. 2011.

The I litter arrived! In funny colours. The mother, Gubanc is black, the father Rába is grey and the puppies: 1 white(with yellow shadow) male, 1 snow withe female, 1 black female and 1 maszkos fawn female.

Pictures in the gallery.

16. 05. 2011.

The G litter became older than 8 weeks so they moved from home (Fehér Kinga's house) and go with their new Family. All of them have excellent new home, and maybe some of them will go to shows and agylity competitions. Pictures in the gallery.

29. 04. 2011.

I was born! It is me, Loncsosi-Bátor Herceg. I am the only one (male) member of my litter. My mother is Loncsosi-Bátor Tarna. My father is Cseri-Subás Ügyes. Pictures soon.

23. 04. 2011.

At Szilvásvárad CACIB show there were standed for Loncsosi-Bátor kennel by Erdély and Duna. Erdély with Kinga got excellent 1, Hungaria Prima Junior result. Varrone Reka's dog, Duna recived excellent 1, HPJ title. That was the 4th HPJ result of Duna, so she achived the condition of Hungaria Junior Champion Diplome.

11. 04. 2011.

The G litter is 3,5 weeks old. They are growing well. 19 day old pictures on the gallery.

26. 03. 2011.

We couldn't go to the season closing meeting of the Hungária Puli Klub where were given the "best of the 2010 year" results. Even so we got excellent titles. Ostor was the best adult white male of 2010 year. Barka recived the best young white female of 2010 title. Száva was the second best white adult female. Avar got the third young black male result.

And the Loncsosi-Bátor kennel was the second restful kennel in 2010 year!!!!

12. 03. 2011.

We was in Monor, at Hungarian Puli Klub breeding survey. Derce got the breedable certificate. Cifra, who come from white-grey parents, recived the consession for the pedigree, because her appearance and her hip dysplasia results was introduced.

18. 03. 2011.

Nemes's puppies arrived at the night!!! Nemes was so facile, because she gave me 8 little pulis. The pupps are healthy and beautiful. There are 6 boys, and 2 girls in the litter. Pictures in the gallery.

06. 03. 2011.

Száva's and Ostor's doughter, Barka's official hip displasia result arrived. Barka got C title. So we can use her in breeding.

02. 03. 2011.

The history is repeated itself. Some years ago one of my black female, Durci died after the birth. And she gave me 3 puppies who had been growing up by an another mother. Dóri was very young, almost 7 years old. The 3 puppies become excellent adults. One puppy, Szilaj stayed in the kennel, lived with our friends. And why does the history repeated itself? Szilaj died, in very young age, almost 4 years old. And we don't know why she died. There wasn't any signal on his died body. Before the day she had jumped happily. Szilaj lived her life huge love with her owner, with me and all the people. She was excellent type, her body looks the most "quadratic" puli out of my others. She bore full coat. She would have needed 1 CAC for Hungaria Champion title. Her breeding merit was very important for me. She took an old bloodline, Pécsdiósi. And she transmitted the white genes, with what she would have given great leap forward white pulis. One litter came from her with 4 male puppies. One of them, Erdély, the white boy enhance our kennel, who live with Laczy Olivér. I hope he will come up to Szilaj's bloodline.


25. 02. 2011.

Dorota and Michal from Polland arrived to us, because they want that Firma, her pulis meet with our Rába. The mating was succesfull in 2 times, so they can hope for puli puppies. I wish them a lot of succes. Therir webpage:


24. 02. 2011.

Tarna falled in love in her firs time. If everything is wonderful, the white puppies will arrive at the second part of April.

20. 02. 2011.

We collected excellent results from the first show, Champion of  Champions in 2011 year. Tarna got the Champion female of the year result, Ostor recived the Champion male of the year and he took the Best of Breed title. Pictures in the gallery.

18. 01. 2011.

Nemes was mated with Cseri-Subás Úrfi. The results will be arrive at the middle of March.