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03. 11. 2012.

Our puli puppies are arrived. Szikla gave a birth for 4 black puli puppies (2-2). The father is Loncsosi-Bátor Pajtás who live in Switczerland with Elekes Family.  Maybe he is one of the best puli form Loncsosi-Bátor kennel. The puppies are from tight relation breeding. I hope they give the expectation.

28. 10. 2012.

Nemes went away forever. I hope she accompanied my Father to the Heaven.

08. 10. 2012.

August, september, oktober months were very eventful. 3 litters were born from this parents:

Loncsosi-Bátor Cifra and Loncsosi-Bátor Dinnye: 1 black male, 1 grey male, 2 black females and 1 white female.

Királytelki Gubanc and Loncsosi-Bátor Rába: 1 white male, 4 maszkos fawn males, 2 grey females and 1 black female.

Mátyás Király Udvari Száva and Juhászbarát Áldás: 5 white females, 1 white male.


The pupps are beautiful and healthy!

15. 09. 2012.

We was very succesfull in show in 2 Club at the weekend: Kuvasz and Puli.

Saturday we was at Hungarian Kuvasz Association's Club show with Kranczler Tünde. My Family's Kuvasz won Excellent 1, Club Winner and Best of Breed in her second show!!!! The event was excellent and we felt ourself very well, and we learn a lot about the breed. Tünde's photos in the Gallery.


The next day we went at Puli Special Show at Szentendre. There were several puli entered from Loncsosi-Bátor Kennel: Avar ( with Király Ancsa and Király Lászlóné), Barka (with Nagy Julianna), Duna (with Varróné Réka), Tarna (with Kuzma János, Margit, és their Family), and Veres Zsolt took Laska.

The results was better than expected (almost all L-B puli won her/his class):

Barka:E1, CAC

Tarna:E1, CAC, and afternoon Best of Breed and R.Best in Show!!!

Laska: E2

Avar: E1, CAC

Duna: E1, CAC


Photos in the Gallery.

09. 09. 2012.

Székesfehérvár CACIB (Sunday):

Duna won E1, CAC, CACIB, and Best of breed. And afternoon she got Best Hungarian Breed 2, Best of Groupe 1, and Best in Show 3 titles!

Congratulation for Réka and Duna!

08. 09. 2012.

Székesfehérvár CACIIB (Saturday):

Juhász: very good (because of hair problem)

Tarna: E1, CAC, CACIB, Best of Breed, Best of Groupe 3

Avar: K1, CAC

Duna: K1, CAC, R.CACIB

With this results Tarna become Hungaria Grand Champion, and Avar become Hungaria Champion!

19. 08. 2012.

Devecser CAC: Ostor and Tarna won E1, CAC. Duna E1, CAC, Best of breed. Our kuvasz, Egedhegyi Cudar Abigél recived E1, CAC, BOB result at her first show. And afternoon he won the best Veszprém Region's dog title.

30. 07. 2012.

The screen of ultra sound show us 4-5 puppies in the belly of Cifra!!!!

14. 07. 2012.

At Szombathely CACIB Show Varrone Rózsa Reka's dog, Loncsosi-Bátor Duna won CAC, CACIB, Best Hungarian Breed, Best of I. Group and Best of Day results! Congratulation for Reka and Duna!

23. 06. 2012.

Pécs CACIB dog show: 23. 06. 2012.:


Pécs CACIB dog show: 24. 06. 2012.:


Ikva: HPJ (That was the 3rd HPJ, so she is Hungaria Junior Champion)



19. 05. 2012.

We recived the next results from Salzburg World Dog Show:

Juhász: excellent 2 (Handler: Kranczler Tünde)

Ikva: E1, J CACA, Junior World Winner

Száva: R.CACA, R.CACIB (Handler: Kranczler Tünde)

12. 05. 2012.

7 Loncsosi-Bátor pulis were showed at Hungaria Puli Klub's  Klubshow. Because of a super team we collect a lot of excellent results:

Juhász+Tünde: E2

Erdély+Kinga: E1, CAC

Ikva velem: E1, HPJ, Junior Club Winner

Barka+Julcsi: E1, CAC

Száva velem: E1, CAC, Club Winner

Avar+Ancsa: E2

Duna+Réka: E1, CAC

Pictures in the galery.

01. 04. 2012.

Sárvár CAC:

Loncsosi-Bátor Ikva "Pudlilla": E1, HPJ, BJ

Loncsosi-Bátor Szurok: Excellent, Owner: Hajdú Krisztina

Loncsosi-Bátor Duna: E1, CAC, Owner: Varróné Rózsa Réka

31. 03. 2012.

All year the Hungaria Puli Klub organise the "best dog of the year" race.

We won the next:


Loncsosz-Bátor Duna: The best young maszkos fawn female of 2011 year.

Loncsosi-Bátor Duna: The best adult maszkos fawn female of 2011 year.

Loncsosi-Bátor Erdély: The best young white female of 2011 year.

Loncsosi-Bátor Rába: The best grey breeding dog of the year.

Loncsosi-Bátor Tarna: The second adult white female of 2011.

Loncsosi-Bátor Dinnye: The second young black male of 2011.

The third place of 2011 is the Loncsosi-Bátor kennel.

We are very happy. Congratulation for the owners and thanks all the helps.


04. 03. 2012.

Sophie and Pascal Balldur dog's, Loncsosi-Bátor Gyertyán "Guess" got E1, Best Junior, and Best of Breed results at weekend at dog show in France. Congratulation!

16. 02. 2012.


Our breeding plans for the 2012 year.

Hopefully it will be realized:

Spring-summer in 2012:

Cifra (black female) x Dinnye (black male): Inbreeding. Common ancestor: Aranypataki Borzas Astor white male. Cifra will be 2,5 years old so she will be tested in the first time in breeding, as well as Dinnye. The puppies are expected to be white and gray. Maybe there will be maszkos fawn in the litter, and possibly even black. (Although gray pupps born in black).

Derce (white female)  x ??? Ostor (white male): This is also inbreeding, where the ancestor is also Astor. Dercen two years passed, and she will have also the first babies. Puppies expected in whites and whites with shadow.

Autumn-winter in 2012:

Szikla (black female) x Loncsosi-Bátor Pajtás (black male): This pairing is my big dream. It is close inbreeding, where the common  relative is Pécsmandulási Dóri black female. Because of the bloodline and the ancestors of this mating I expect hopeful puppies. The puppies will be expected to be black, but perhaps will be maszkos fako and white offsprings.

Száva (white female) x Juhászbarát Áldás (white male): Foreign breeding (if it is possible is a white puli….). It will be also a promising litter. The color of kids will be white.


16. 02. 2012.

One year has passed again. In the 2011 year the Loncsosi-Bátor pulis show appearances and breeding used was successfull.

It is my pleasure to make many people happy by Loncsosi-Bátor puli puppies who are well integrated into the scope of their owners. Thanks to the owners that chose us and good luck for the new members of their families.

One of my proud Erdély, the young white male who won in his class and in white puli breed in his first show at Puli Special CAC. And he won Junior World Winner title in Paris. Similarly like Tarna who was the adult female World Winner. And in Puli Special CAC Duna, the maszkos fawn female won CAC and Bordács Imre special award.

Health examine in managed to collect some good results: Duna, Dinnye, Derce, Erdély and Vertes obtained  the best result  in the test of dysplasia. Cifra result of dysplasia A/B, Bibe has B, and Barka has C.

In 2011 years Száva, Tarna, Gubanc, Nemes and Szikla gave us beautiful puppies. Ostor, Rába and Erdély prove his father's abilities.

And I don’t want to forget our beautiful dog, Szilaj who went away forever.

I want to say thank for love, patience, care and effort for the owner of Loncsosi-Bátor pulis what they give their dogs and help me prosper the Loncsosi-Bátor kennel.

Fehér Kinga, Laczy Olivér, Király Annamária and her Family, Fazekas Rebeka and her Grandparents, Nagy Julianna, Varróné Rózsa Réka, Németh Kinga, Dobovits Péterand his Family, Dorota és Michael Pawlaczek, Kiss János, Kuzma János és Margit, Sophie and Pacal Balldur, Kózel Gyula, Lővinger - Miklós Family, Pummer Family.

Most of all I would like to thank my Family for help, patience and understanding.