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21. 12. 2009.

Pictures from the owner of Száva's puppies on the galery.

19. 12. 2009.

Száva's puppies left the house. All of them got excellent owners. I wish a lot of succes for the owner.

29. 11. 2009.

The Hungarian Kennel Club gave an awards ceremony for the owner of the winner dog of Pozsony World Dog Show after the Derby dog show. Because of Ostor's World Winner, Best of Breed results we could get a gratulation and a beautiful cup togother some puli friends. Pictures on the galery.

08. 10. 2009.

That was a succesfull day. A lot of excellent results was born at Pozsony World dog show. In the black adult male class Loncsosi-Bátor Pajtas was the first, so he got CAC. Amoung the young white male Loncsosi-Bátor Vértes "Kókusz" was the first, as well, so he became CAJC, and Joung World Winner. And Loncsosi-Bátor Ostor "Pukkancs" won the biggest results. He had World Winner and Best of Breed on. Congratulation for Elekes Family, the owner of Pajtás, the Dobovics Family, the owner of Kókusz, and Fehér Kinga, who is the cooperator breeder of Kókusz. And the plus of the day when we arrived at home, Pukkncs puppies was born from Száva. So the beautiful white puppies father is a World Winner, and their mother is a Joung Europe Winner.


At the 2 day Kecskemét CACIB our dogs come home with excellent results. Ostor got CAC, CACIB results each day, and Best of Breed on Sunday. Tarna was 2nd on Saturday, and 1th on Sunday, so she got her 3th Hungaria Prima Junior result. Szurok recived CAC, CACIB on Saturday, and CAC, R.CACIB on Sunday. Because of this results Tarna became Hungária Junior Champion, and Ostor Hungária Champion.

09. 09. 2009.

I got some pictures about Vérmes (Banjer) from Ida&Wim from Netherland. Vérmes was born last November, and he has grown up and become beautiful puli boy. You can see pictures about him in the gallery.

21. 08. 2009.

The next day of the birthday of Hungary some excellent result was borned in Devecser, at Hungarian Dogs Show. Ostor got CAC result and a beautiful cup. Avar has been very promised baby.

09. 08. 2009.

The Loncsosi-Bátor Kennel become Golden Wreath Master Breeding with Ostor, Pajtás, Szilaj and Tarna's CAC results.

09. 08. 2009.

Heidi Valo's dog,  Loncsosi-Bátor Maszkos (Masi) recived BOB and Best in Show 3 from hungarian judge at Speciality Show. Loncsosi-Bátor Ördög (Ossi) was CC, and BOS. Congratulation!!

09. 08. 2009.

At Esztergom CAC Szilaj, Tarna és Pukkancs got CAC results, and Pukkancs was the best white puli of the show.

18. 07. 2009.

At Szombathely CACIB dog show the dogs won a lot of good results. Tarna got HPJ, Száva CAC, CACIB, Pukkancs R.CAC results from the white colours. Szurok recived R.CAC, Szilaj got CAC, R. CACIB. Zserbó became very promised puppy. In the afternoon Pukkancs és Száva was the 2th best dog paar in the BIS. Pictures from the show at the gellery.

25. 06. 2009.

2 new members, Aszú and Avar arrived to the Kennel. Avar lives with the  Király Family and he should be the biggest star at the dog shows at the next years.....if he will be good....Aszú is waiting for her new owner.

30. 05. 2009.

Zápor moved to a very kind Family in Tinnye. Zserbo stay here to take her mother's bloodline.

23. 05. 2009.

At Szolnok CAC show Szilaj got her 2nd CAC result.

10. 05. 2009.

Puli Klub Show, Gödöllő: Száva got R.CAC result in the class of intermediate. Szilaj became 2nd among the really strong open class black females. :-) Délibáb took possession of her 2nd HPJ result.

07. 05. 2009.

Loncsosi-Bátor Vértes "Kokusz" was found by the police.

03. 05. 2009.

At Zalaegerszeg CAC Száva got 2nd result, Szilaj, and Szurok got CAC and Délibáb got HPJ results. Loncsosi-Bátor Mustár, the dog of the Menyhárt Family, recive Best of Breed, Best Hungarian Dog and Reserve Best of Groupe titles. Pictures on the galery.

01. 05. 2009.

Szilaj is pregnant from Rába from this day. Details about the litter will be expected at the beginning of July.

05. 04. 2009.

Subas's puppies arrived!!!! Zápor the black female, and Zserbó, the maszkos fawn female is the member of the litter. Pictures about the litter in the galery.

05. 04. 2009.

At Pápa CAC show Tarna got excellent 2, Szilaj R. CAC, and Délibáb HPJ result. Pictures in the galery.

04. 04. 2009.

A Loncsosi-Bátor Kennel closed the year 2008 succesfully.  Loncsosi-Bátor Szikla got the best black young female title. Mátyás Király Udvari Száva the same, just in white colour. Loncsosi-Bátor Szurok is the 3th young black male. Loncsosi-Bátor Maszkos became the 3th best maszkos fawn adult male. More success for the owners!

01. 03. 2009.

Királytelki Gubanc, the 4 years old black female is the newest member of kenel Loncsosi-Bátor. Thanks for the breeder, Veres Zsolt.

07. 03. 2009.

Szikla had got a new owner, Hugyeczné Éva, who is the breeder of Patvarci Nagydiófás Kennel.  Éva's plan, that she will use her like a breeding bitch. Sziklas first husband will be Patvarci Nagydiófás Batyu. Puppies will arrive from the young dog couples at the beginning of summer.  Éva' phone: +36-70-941-1716

Éva! I wish you a good luck for Szikla and your new puppies!

19. 02. 2009.

Loncsosi-Bátor Vértes "Kókusz" is stolen from Érd town, Judit street. Kókusz is a snow white, beautiful, 3 months old male puppy, and he has friendly behaving. Photos there are in galery about him.

If you find him, call the next phone numbers:+36-30-743-8005, or +36-20-413-5181

05. 02. 2009.

Subás got a new "husband", Királytelki Ostor. The result of the nuptial will hopefully born at the front of April. Pictures about the mother and the father will be in the galery soon.

26. 01. 2009.

The Galery site is updated continously with shows pictures, litter pictures, and etc.

26. 01. 2009.

2 puppies have excellent owner. 2 puppies' waiting for lovely home.