Puppies for sale

Loncsosi-Bátor Picúr
White female puppy is for sale from J World Winner mother.
Parents Results
(Mother) Loncsosi-Bátor Ikva : HD-B, CAC, JWW, JClW
(Father) Loncsosi-Bátor Őrszem : HD-C

Puppies for reservation

Loncsosi-Bátor R alom
Beautiful black puli male puppies are for reservation from maszkos fawn mother, black father. Puppies come from old bloodline.They can be taken away from middle of Feb.
Parents Results
(Mother) Loncsosi-Bátor Zserbó : -
(Father) Loncsosi-Bátor Kispajtás : Fiatal Európa Győztes, J Europe Winner, HD-C, DM- N/N